Spring 2013 Lineup: ‘Attack on Titan’ Episode 9 [Anime Review]

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by Lindo Korchi | staff writer

This experience is beyond trauma.

Unfortunately, episode 9 didn’t have any disclaimers on the disturbing, frightening, and creepy scenes that were to soon be unveiled.

As I’m drinking a smoothie, Eren starts to reminisce about getting devoured by a Titan. He falls deep within the innards of the Titan and finds himself surrounded in a pool of what seems to be gastric acid, with many of his former team members floating around – dead. At this moment, my smoothie was thrown out the window. Traumatized and filled with emotion, Eren begins to cry. His anger and determination start to take over as he begins to exclaim his promise about eliminating the Titans.

BAM! The anger, passion, and determination of Eren instantly came alive as he transformed into Hero Titan. It then emerged out of the innards of the Titan who devoured Eren. Interestingly enough, Eren wasn’t able to consciously control HT. The only thing controlling HT was Eren’s subconscious will to destroy the Titans and rescue humanity.

For the captain’s sake, our paths better not cross.

Suddenly, Eren wakes up from reminiscing, and has a vague memory of what happened. He finds himself in a corner with Mikasa and Armin, surrounded by the Garrison team – responsible for protecting the towns and reinforcing the walls. The captain has prepared all his trainees with 3DMG and cannons to use against Eren. The trainees begin to stare at Eren with eyes filled with emptiness, hate, and disgust as if he’s a beast or monster. They begin to treat him like a jinchuriki, disregarding the fact that Eren saved the city and many lives, including theirs. Even if he is a Titan, does it matter? He fought against ‘his kind’ in order to save humanity from the destruction of Titans, yet, he’s treated as a criminal, a monster, a jinchuriki? Out of the way producers, I’m making my way into the anime realm and showing these Garrison’s the rage of a real Titan!

Without warning, the battōsai within Mikasa came to the surface as the captain threatened to kill Eren. The way she looked at the captain was the same way a lion looks at it’s prey – eyes set to kill. She is willing to cut down the entire Garrison group in order to protect Eren – a true definition of nakama! The captain demands to know if Eren is human or Titan. Eren shouts that he is a human. Frustrated, the captain gives the order to fire the cannons at Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

Instantly, Eren remembers when his father was crying in desperation as he injected a needle into Eren, telling him that it’ll impair his memory. With emotion, he tells Eren that he must keep the key he gave him, take back Wall Maria to reach the basement, and find out the truth. Most importantly, he must master his power in order to save Mikasa, Armin, and humanity.



As the cannon balls fire, Eren uses all his strength to grab Mikasa and Armin. Oddly enough, he bites his finger and an electrical trigger circulates throughout his entire body. Boom! An explosion erupts and out of nowhere a giant Susanoo look-a-like appears! The garrison group remains speechless, as does Mikasa and Armin as they remain protected by this creature – but what’s going on!?

It’s possible that Dr. Jaeger used Eren as an experiment in order to somehow defeat the Titans and save humanity, similar to why Minato sealed the jinchuuriki within Naruto. But, even if that was the case, why does Eren have two forms – Hero Titan and a Susanoo replica? Where is Dr. Jaeger now? And most importantly, why didn’t Potato Girl have any screen time in this episode!? The story has a lot to explain, and it all begins in that basement!

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