Review: ‘Majestic Prince’ Episode 1 [Anime]

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

majestic princeMajestic Prince isn’t one of those series I’ve heard a lot about, but man, am I glad that I decided to check it out.

Here’s the show’s synopsis from Crunchyroll:

Earth year 2110. Having expanded into space and secured many asteroids abundant in natural resources, it seemed mankind’s prosperous future was assured. However, Earth is now being invaded by Urgal, a mysterious galactic empire from Jupiter. Just as mankind is facing certain destruction, the secret military agency MJP undertakes a gene manipulation project to create humans who can adapt to life in space. The result is Team Rabbits, a group of children who are given combat devices called “Ash” and sent to the front line as shields for the Global Defense Force (GDF)

A little Ender’s Game (in that it’s about kids fighting space battles) mixed with VoltronMajestic Prince‘s first episode really set the tone for the series — and it’s definitely not as serious as either of the aforementioned series. In fact, it’s surprisingly funny. The jokes are more down to earth than most anime, and don’t rely on over-the-top antics or ridiculous situational comedy. Instead, they’re based on each of the five members of Team Rabbits and their personalities.

Team Rabbits is kind of an oddball group and starts the episode being called the Fail 5 after being swiftly defeated in a mock mecha battle. Each member of the team is distinct in voice and character, lending to the comedy of the show. The team’s leader, Hitachi, dreams of being a hero and likes to draw. Asagi is the team’s hothead, and likes to push forward without thinking. Irie is a hopeless romantic that confesses to any guy that gives her the time of day, but is constantly rejected. Kugimiya is the team’s straight-laced, no-nonsense character, and Suruga is a military nerd and perv that seems to hit on women as much as Irie confesses her love to men.

Although the group has some great chemistry and there’s some great comedy here, it’s also got some high-flying space battle action. Each member of Team Rabbit pilots their own mecha with its own special purpose. Kugimiya, for example, pilots the control mecha, which stays out of the field of battle to survey what’s going on and give instruction to the team, and Suruga’s mecha is meant for long distance sniping.

Majestic Prince also seems to be playing up the Voltron/G-Force aspects of the series, by making blatantly obvious call backs to those series. Each character’s mecha is a specific color, and when they enter battle, they do this split-screen thing showing each character’s mecha powering up. With each mecha having a specific purpose, I was half expecting the five to form into a Voltron-like mecha to face off with the enemy, but…no such luck.

Majestic Prince is streaming on Crunchyroll, and is totally worth checking out.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the review. This definitely looks like a series that’s worth checking out!