Review: ‘Hetalia: The Beautiful World’ [Anime]

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by Victoria Erica | staff writer

A14925-1800845945.1356465115Hetalia: The Beautiful World is the latest installment in the Hetalia franchise. Again, we follow the shenanigans of the loveable Italy, brooding Germany, and complacent Japan.

This new series started earlier this year, andFunimation has agreed to stream this web series onto their main site. Like the previous four seasons, Hetalia: The Beautiful World consists of five minute short episodes. However, the animation has improved – more color and more attention to background have been added.  While not spectacular, the animation aesthetics have gone up a few notches. Instead of stories jumping all over the place, each episode is its own contained story. One episode has Chibi Russia dealing with Mongolia and the Teutonic Knights, and my current favorite has the Axis trio investigating which countries are part of what student organizations. The latter episode introduces new countries that many fans have long anticipated for – such as Australia, India, and others.

The series is still ongoing. Hetalia’s fandom may not be as strong as it was when the first season came out, but it still has a very dedicated fandom. The ending theme is catchy as all else; it’s just really fun watching the ending animation. Italy is all into the bright ending theme, while Germany and Japan pretend like they don’t know this kid.
I would recommend this web series to longtime fans of Hetalia and people who are still curious about the series. I feel that you can jump in right here if have not seen previous Hetalia series and it’s a great way to get started. Likewise, this is a fun series and I can only imagine what more hilarity it will bring when and if this will have a dub.
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