‘Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’ Demo Hands-On Preview

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by Chris McDonald | staff writer

Everyone’s favorite monster murder simulation has a new demo up on both the Wii-U and 3DS eShop. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate‘s demo lets hunters take a shot at two different missions (one with an “easy” difficulty rank, and another with “hard”), while playing as any of the 12 weapon character classes, allowing for quite a few reasons to replay this admittedly short demo a few times over.

After a bit of hands-on time with Monster Hunter‘s demo, I’m pretty pleased at how fluidly it all controls in absence of a second analog stick and smaller screen than MH3 players are probably used to. In fact, I think Capcom’s touch screen solution to the needed secondary analog is quite functional, even though its reminiscent of the dreaded on screen d-pad encountered in so man iOS titles.

If you’ve got a hankering for some mobile monster slaughter and just can’t wait any longer, drop by the eShop and download the hefty MH3U demo today!

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