Let’s Watch Tenchi Universe! Episode 4 [Review]

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by Joe Locastro | Assistant Editor

We’re back with some Tenchi Universe after a little hiatus, and yet ANOTHER new addition to the Masaki house makes her debut.  Will it ever end?!

The first act of episode 4 perfectly cements Grandpa Noboyuki’s pechant for drama.  His tale of the 700-year old goblin starts the snowball effect on Ryoko’s fierce determination to see what was in the Masaki shrine cave.  After a little TV-14 action with a rope, Ryoko and Tenchi begin exploring the forbidden depths of the Masaki Shrine.

Meanwhile everyone at home is wondering where Tenchi has disappeared to.  Ayeka finally puts two and two together (with a little help from Mihoshi, go figure) and realizes that if Ryoko isn’t there, and Tenchi isn’t there then they must obviously be “together”.  She rushes off with Ryo-Ohki and company.

Back in the cave Ryoko encounters a few hilarious traps, Tenchi delivers one of the best eulogies in Anime history, and we get another taste of Ryoko’s insane strength.  Ryoko pulls a Mrs. Robinson (Google “The Graduate“) on Tenchi but Ayeka and the Anti-Tenchi-And-Ryoko-Hooking-Up-Squad arrive just in time to break it up.  Ayeka and Ryoko have an impressive little scrap that ends with the release of the shrine’s evil goblin captive which turns out to be…The most famous mad scientist in the universe Washuu.


That’s it for now, stay tuned!

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