Review: ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ 3-in-1 Omnibus Vol. 1 [Manga]

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by Elie Byun | staff writer

Evangelion 3-in-1The classic manga Neon Genesis Evangelion has been getting a lot of attention lately with the movies being released and VIZ Media has gotten in on the hype with their new Neon Genesis Evangelion omnibuses. Each omnibus contains 3 volumes of the manga and with a retail price of $19.99, its a steal!

Most anime fans know or have at least heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The iconic red head in a plug suit, icy blue-haired girl with an eyepatch, and the infamous crybaby main character, this rather monumental manga was first serialized in 1995 and was released as an anime later that year. Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Eva, takes place in a somewhat apocalyptic society in which these unknown monsters known as “Angels” terrorize civilization. To counteract them, an organization called NERV has access to giant robots called Evangelion which can only be piloted by children. The main character, Shinji, reunites with his father after many long years but its no happy reunion, his father is only interested in Shinji’s capabilities as a pilot and needs him to replace a badly hurt pilot, Rei.

This historic manga does well in omnibus form. The packaging is nice and the cover is stunning! Also, between each volume, there is a nice full color illustration done in watercolor. Its easy to lose yourself in the details and work that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto has created. The transitions are fluid throughout the different chapters and volumes. Though in the beginning and towards the end, the large book is awkward to hold in your hands, if you’re a penny pincher like me, you will definitely appreciate the drastic price cut with the omnibus. Each chapter ends in a nice cliffhanger that doesn’t have you dying for more but just enough to keep you interested.

With cute girls, cute boys, mechs, romance, fight scenes, and more, Evangelion has it all. Though it is technically categorized as a shonen series, I think there is a lot of content for a female audience. The only downside of this series is actually one of the reasons why this series is able to capture its audience, Evangelion has a lot of, for lack of a better word, whiny characters. Every character has some issue with themselves and/or with their past and all of them seem to constantly be thinking about it. The reason why this works so well though, is the idea that the reader is able to relate to the characters. Sure, not everyone is outwardly whiny but everyone complains and that’s exactly what the characters do. Its really intriguing when fictional characters, whose lives we’re supposed to envy, in their own way have their own major problems and complain about them. What a concept.

Evangelion is one of those series that every anime or manga fan should read or watch. With the movies coming out, its really something to look into and I would recommend it to anyone. It takes a little getting used to with all the man tears and the whining, but its definitely a series that will stick with you, whether you love it or hate it.

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