INORAN from Legendary Rock Band LUNA SEA Produces OLDCODEX’s New Album

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by Elizabeth Chan | staff writer

OLDCODEX's hidemind Album

On November 4th, it was announced on both OLDCODEX and INORAN‘s official websites and social media networks that INORAN will be collaborating with OLDCODEX on their next full album.

INORAN will be acting as the lead song producer for the band, fronted by voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki, also known as Ta_2.  The promotional video for the album is also expected to feature the legendary rocker fresh off of a European tour that ended this past September.

OLDCODEX is currently entering a new stage of their artistry as they recently had a member line-up change announced on October 15th where their composer and guitarist, known as R・O・N, amicably left the group, leaving behind compositions for the band to continue with in his absence.

The news came as a shock as the band had just finished a tour for their CATALRHYTHM single, which was the 2nd ending theme for the popular anime Kuroko’s Basketball.  However, since their inception in 2009, OLDCODEX has had an intrinsic tone of continuous evolution as their foundation. They effortlessly incorporate a variety of musical styles with abstract art, showing that the line-up change is only the latest stage of their development.  Officially genreless, they have a primarily distinct rock sound that blends elements of other music genres into their body of work.  This collaboration with INORAN in particular shows that the band is geared and ready to move forward onto all new levels of creativity.

This new, eagerly awaited and currently untitled album is scheduled to be released on December 26th and will be available in both limited edition and regular edition versions for 3,500 yen and 3,000 yen respectively.  OLDCODEX’s last full album was released in 2010, making this latest album a truly anticipated body of work that promises to be nothing short of exciting.

OLDCODEX is an innovative creative unit currently composed of Ta_2 (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), who is charged with the musical aspects, and Painter YORKE., who is charged with the visual appeal and has collaborated with countless musicians in his career as a painter.  Both members recently worked together on a documentary with the non-profit organization Minna Chikyuu no Kodomo jyan! to present an Art Bus for underprivileged and handicapped children in Indonesia.  (Translation available here).

Tatsuhisa Suzuki is probably most recognized internationally as the voice of Noctis Lucis Caelum in Square-Enix’s upcoming title Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  This fall he can be heard voicing Haru Yoshida in My Little Monster, now streaming on Crunchyroll. He also previously had his own solo singing career, providing the theme song to Tide Line Blue.

Painter YORKE. initially started as an artistic collaborator featured in music videos, and provided artwork for their album art and website design. He is probably best known to many Visual Kei fans as the painter member of Anime Expo 2007 Guest of Honor Miyavi’s KAVKI BOIZ.  With OLDCODEX he has continued his live painting and became an official member in November of 2010.

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