‘Naruto’ MMORPG to Hit China in 2013

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor


China-based game company Tencent Games’ More Fun Studio is teaming up with Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm developer CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai Games to produce a Naruto-based browser game for release later this year. The upcoming game promises the “full MMORPG experience” and will be playable on Tencent’s gaming portal, game.qq.com. Release of the game outside of China and gameplay details have not yet been announced.

What would you want to see in a Naruto MMORPG?

[via SGCafe, MMO Culture]

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2 Responses to “‘Naruto’ MMORPG to Hit China in 2013”

  1. Ji*z in my pants says:

    I want to see thousand’s of jutsu , some unique jutsu only for some of the ninjas(players) , Player teaching other one how to make some jutsu , PVP , maybe some clans wars or village wars , players being elected to be a hokage , one village spying another one.. and more.
    I hope that this game will be something great i cant wait to play it !
    End i hope it will be fast in europe ! :D

  2. mindgasim says:

    i would love too see a chance to be one of the tailed beast concealers. like when u make a new character you have a 45% chance of being one of the nine. expanding off of that idea it would be sexy to have a chance to be a descendant of someone legendary like nagato was to the sage of the six paths.and ofcourse sage mode and all that rasengan jazz.