Visual Novel “Tick Tack” Brings Time Travel Antics in 2013

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

MangaGamer announced a few new visual novels for 2013 at their recent AnimeUSA Panel. Among those games announced was Navel‘s Tick Tack, a Shuffle! fandisc that puts a spin on the Back to the Future time travel problem of making sure your parents get together.

In Tick Tack, gamers are sent 20 years into the past, before their girlfriend Nerine’s father, the King of the Devils, has married Nerine’s mother, Sage. It’s up to your character to make sure the King chooses Sage over his pre-arranged fiancee, Ai, to ensure your girlfriend doesn’t do the whole disappearing hand trick. No word if this means you’ll have to get the King to kiss Sage at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and beat the game with a killer guitar solo.

Tick Tack, as mentioned, is a spin-off of Shuffle!, a 2004 visual novel. MangaGamer will be bringing a new hard copy edition of Shuffle! to North America in December with a revised translation that features “over 9,000 fixes and changes to the original edition.” Folks that already own the digital version of the game will be able to download a free patch to upgrade their copies to the new translation.

In Shuffle!, regular guy Rin finds himself in a harem situation when The King of the Devils and the King of the Gods move in next door. In the game,  A school idol, Rin’s childhood friend Kaede, the aforementioned Devil Princess Nerine, and God Princess Lisianthius all try to win Rin’s heart, and it’s up to the gamer to see which person he chooses.

Shuffle! was the source for the anime series of the same name that ran for 24-episodes back in 2005, as well as its 2006 sequel, Shuffle! Memories, a 6-volume manga series, audio dramas, and a series of character novels.

What do you think of Tick Tack? What other visual novels are you hoping for in 2013?

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