Action Puzzler ‘Puzzles & Dragons’ Makes Its Way to iOS Devices

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by Jeremiah Fajardo | staff writer

A new, addictive game has just been unleashed upon the iOS App Store and it’s straight from Japan!

Puzzles & Dragons, published by GungHo Online Entertainment, is a creative blend of puzzles, dungeon crawling and creature collecting. The intriguing blend results in a fast paced, action puzzle game that forces you to think quickly in order to properly utilize your menagerie’s host of special skills and abilities.

The game has seen immense success in Japan, garnering over three million downloads. The President of GungHo Online Entertainment, Jun Iwasaki, sees great potential in the property, stating, ““We’re confident in its Western appeal and believe that it will see similar fan sentiments and critical acclaim as it did in Japan.”

The creatures of Puzzles & Dragons fall under five distinct elemental categories: fire, water, wood, light and darkness. Players are tasked with amassing a diverse, five monster teams in order to tackle dungeons filled with numerous enemies and a classic gaming mainstay, a boss. Yet, creating this team is no easy task. Players must not only choose from about 400 monsters but also ensure that one of each element is present on their team. Having one of each allows players to create longer Combos, which are made by matching three or more same colored elemental Orbs together. Linking multiple Combos also multiplies damage done and charges up each monster’s special moves!

Dungeon becomes a bit too challenging? Then players can purchase a Magic Stone from within the game app. These wondrous items can do a range of things, from reviving one’s entire team to accessing the Rare Egg machine. Another way to make things less daunting is to recruit a sixth monster from a generous friend via the Friend List.

Puzzles & Dungeons is available now on the iOS App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Will you be checking out this iOS game?

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7 Responses to “Action Puzzler ‘Puzzles & Dragons’ Makes Its Way to iOS Devices”

  1. Neo says:

    I did hear it’s good and all but I didn’t know this game will be this awesome :(

  2. itimnapayaso says:

    its awesome though, try it on your iOS..actually few days ago, they launch it on android devices

  3. insta says:

    i would like to try it on my galaxy player

  4. kagebunshin says:

    you can try it actually but i think there are several matters to fix first.