‘Ragnarok Odyssey’ Release Date Set

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

RO fans, the time is nigh - Ragnarok Odyssey will soon be upon us.

XSeed Games has announced Ragnarok Odyssey will be released on October 30 in both a $39.99 standard edition and a $49.99 ‘Mercenary Edition” exclusively for the PS Vita.

From the press release:

Set in the popular Ragnarok Online universe, Ragnarok Odyssey is a new handheld title created exclusively for the PS®Vita. Players will enter a mythical world where humans and giants battle for supremacy after the fall of the gods. After creating a character from over 20,000 possible combinations based on customizable physical features, players are given the choice of one of six specialized job classes before entering the open world where a healthy dose of real-time, action-based combat awaits. Characters can chain together devastating combo attacks both on the ground and in the air thanks to the game’s extremely versatile combat system. Massive enemies can literally be smacked across the screen, and players can even increase their speed and agility at the expense of HP for particularly challenging battles. The game also promotes cooperative gameplay, supporting up to four players for ad-hoc and online coop.

As mentioned in the press release, there will be six job classes to choose from in Odyssey – Sword Warrior, Hammersmith, Mage, Assassin, Hunter, and Cleric. Most of these classes share the same name in Ragnarok Online, but it looks like Sword Warrior is the equivalent of the Swordsman, and the Hammersmith would be from the Merchant class, probably coming from the Blacksmith line.

Also exciting is the graphical upgrade — as pretty as the sprites from RO can be, it’s nice to finally be able to play in third person perspective and really see your character and the world up close. And the combat system sounds like a welcome upgrade from the simple click-a-million-times-until-the-monster-dies system from Ragnarok Online.

New screens have been released with the news of the release date, and those can be found in the gallery below.

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