5pb to Start Localizing their Games Overseas?

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by Jason Young, staff editor, Inside AX-Anime Expo


During an interview with Siliconera, 5pb executive director Chiyomaru Shikura recently unveiled that the company has plans to, “capture the (Western) populace with visual novels, and we will then commence a unique plan of attack for overseas, so please look forward to it!”

With a number of popular titles under their belt including the highly acclaimed Steins; Gate and Chaos; Head, it appears that the company has at least begun to think about releasing their products overseas. Whether this means console releases on the Xbox 360 and the PSP or PC ports through Nitroplus USA remains to be seen. Either way, as an avid player of the genre it’s a much welcome sign that high-profile Japanese visual novel developers are starting to look into the possibility of bringing their games out West. Now if only some company that rhymes with KEY can start to think about bringing their games overseas…

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