‘The Last Story’ to be Sakaguchi’s Final Fantasy?

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Wii-exclusive Going Strong for Sakaguchi

In his first update to his company blog in nearly a month, Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi stated that the upcoming Wii-exclusive RPG The Last Story may be his last piece of work.

“This is a title that myself and the development staff are putting 120% of our energy into.” He admitted to being nervous, similar to the insecurity one has when their child heads off on a journey.

“I’m fully pouring everything into this one title, and the feeling of it maybe being my last title is strong.” He’s aiming to complete the title so that he has no regrets, but even more so with the feeling that he should be enjoying himself right now.

(translation provided by AndriaSang)

Although the title is a collaboration between Mistwalker and Nintendo, who is seeking to create “a new form of RPG by choosing the universal theme of human emotion,” Sakaguchi is hoping to keep the science fiction elements to a minimum; instead relying on the romanticism of the medieval period to carry the game as you can see in the following trailer.

The game appears to be similar to Dragon Age: Origins in that Sakaguchi is using an action-based system rather than relying on his usual typical turn-based formula. So far, it looks impressive and between this and Xenoblade, it may look like 2011 (2010 in Japan) may very well turn out to be fantastic for Nintendo.

[courtesy: GameZone]

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