New GARO Series Debuts Its First Trailer

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by Joe Locastro | Assistant Editor

The live action drama GARO has been confirmed for a third season, and the first trailer has been released.  With an all new cast, this series is gaining momentum with every season.  This time its a trio of Makai knights, and Kouga’s armor is looking considerably less golden.  Its an action packed teaser for a great show.

For newcomers, GARO boils down as the story of a man trained as a special, mystic soldier…charged with the protection of the Earthly realm by the powers that be.  Along the way there’s love, laughter and violence…lots of violence actually.  The show is one of the most successful adult oriented tokusatsu choices available, and its continued success is testament to its rising popularity.  GARO: The One Who Shines In Darkness debuts this April in Japan!

[via Henshin Justice Unlimited]

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