Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Convention 2013 Coming to Malaysia

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by Lindo Korchi | staff writer

On June 6th, Danny Choo (founder of Mirai Inc., producer of Culture Japan and creator of Mirai Suenaga) was proud to announce one of his latest projects, Culture Japan Convention 2013, held in Penang, Malaysia from August 17th – 18th at the Straits Quay Convention Centre. Unlike other conventions that focus primarily on anime, CJC’s goal is to celebrate Japanese pop culture while giving fans, celebrities, and retailers the chance to come closer together and build relationships.

CJC will have guests from around the world, including:
  • Maridah (Cosplayer & Crunchyroll Ambassador)
  • Angie (Cosplayer & member of the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe)
  • Ikkyuu (Illustrator of MoeKanji)
  • Shirahane Nao AKA:DMYO (Illustrator of many Mirai Suenaga artworks)
  • Asakawa Yuu (Singer & Voice Actress of Megurine Luka from Vocaloid)
  • Vividblaze (Electric pop Japanese band)

CJC will also have several contests with amazing prizes.

Cosplay Competition: Cosplayers entering the competition will be judged by special guests Maridah, Angie, and Asakawa on how well they ‘live up to their character’ through their costumes, props, presentation, and of course, the screaming fans in the audience who will be cheering for their favorite cosplayer. The winner will not only be the ‘Cosplay Champion’ of CJC13, but will also win a pair of tickets to Tokyo!

Art Competition: Aspiring illustrators will be able to receive the recognition they deserve by creating their ‘next masterpiece’ on Day 1 of CJC. Once completed, the artwork will be publicly displayed in the halls as attendees vote for their favorite work. Special guests DMYO & Ikkyuu will judge each art piece based on creativity and mastery. The winner will win a free stay at the Holiday Inn Resort Penand, signed prints from DMYO & Ikkyuu, and more.

Cosplay Photography Competition: Full details to come very soon.

Tokyo Contest: Fans who pre-order their 2-day tickets to CJC13 will receive ticket wristbands for 2 days, comrade lanyard, Mirai Suenaga Uchiwa, CJC13 Event Guide, and automatically entered in the Grand Lucky Draw for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Tokyo!

Culture Japan Convention is bound to be an exciting event that will provide a memorable experience to all attendees. On behalf of Anime Expo and Inside AX, we all wish Danny Choo the best of luck in his career, his new convention overseas, and his future. We thank Danny for his continuous support at Anime Expo and look forward to working with him in the future.

Fans who seek further information on contests, rules, and registration can find it on CultureJapanCon.com.

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