Guillermo Del Toro Adapting ‘Monster’ Manga for HBO

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by Victoria Erica | staff writer

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Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro is taking on an unusual project.  Teaming up with HBO, Del Toro plans to adapt Naoki Urusawa’s 18-volume manga masterpiece, Monster, into a live action series to be co-written by Doctor Who and Sherlock’s Steven Thompson. Monster also had an anime run (released by Viz  in the States) in the early 2000’s that aired on SyFy’s anime block.

Urusawa’s crime drama is one of the smarter, more intriguing series of it’s time. The story follows a young doctor and his search for a sociopath. The story gets much more complex than that, but delving too deep would give away spoilers. This is definitely something worth looking into, but be forewarned, you may want to save time to marathon through the anime because it’s that good to follow.

 We can only wonder what Monster‘s HBO adaptation has in store. Granted that it will be on a cable network, we can expect a faithful adaptation. Although HBO has been known to sexify Game of Thrones from the original material, it’s not too distracting. I’m hoping they cast a good Asian American actor that can play Doctor Tenma; John Cho comes to mind. The need to have an Asian protagonist is essential to the plot as Doctor Tenma, a Japanese doctor, is lost in all the confusion and chase in post-war Germany. This is great news for HBO television; I can only take so much of Girls butchering Daft Punk.
Who knows, maybe Peter Dinklage could play the little German crime boss.
[via Deadline]
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