LA EigaFest 2012 to Showcase Recent Japanese Cinema

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

The 2012 LA EigaFest will be taking place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA, next weekend December 14 through December 16 and it’s bringing some of the latest cinematic hits from Japan with it.

Screening at this year’s EigaFest include the live-action Rurouni Kenshin film, the live-action adaptation of Thermae RomaeHelter Skelter, Wolf Children and more. A full schedule of what will be showing at this year’s EigaFest can be found at their website.

Rurouni Kenshin  and Thermae Romae may sound familiar to some in the States, but a few of these other films may not be that familiar. Here’s the low down on a couple of the titles showing during the festival:

Helter Skelter

The title of Helter Skelter may bring to mind the horror films of the same name revolving around Charles Manson. The Japanese film, however, has nothing to do with that. Instead, it’s a live-action adaptation of Kyoko Okazaki’s manga that focuses on a top Japanese model’s quest for beauty through extensive plastic surgery and the toll her obsession takes on herself and those that care for her.

The Floating Castle

The Floating Castle is an action-comedy set in the year 1590 and loosely based on the real life Siege of Hachigata, wherein an army of 20,000 attacks a castle defended by 500 men.

Full details – including synopses, credits, and showtimes – on these films and others screening during the festival can be found on LA EigaFest 2012′s Line-Up page, and tickets to individual screenings can be purchased on their website as well. Tickets to the Rurouni Kenshin screening on opening night have already sold out, but tickets to the other films are still available at press time.

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