Free iPhone App “Anime Doctor” is the Largest Mobile Anime Encyclopedia

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor


For anime lovers on the go, Pulled Strings Software has released Anime Doctor 1.0, a free app for iOS that’s being called the “largest mobile anime encyclopedia.”

Pulled strings promises that Anime Doctor will give “every otaku and anime fan, or any person carrying an iOS device for that matter, …access to the most detailed and best-designed anime encyclopedia right at their fingertips.”

This massive library of mobile anime information contains details on over 7,000 anime titles, as well as over 47,000 character profiles, and over 129,000 episode descriptions, making this new anime app quite possibly the IMDb of the anime scene.

Thanks to Anime Doctor, arguments over who voiced who and which episode introduced what character can now be put to rest in a quick and reasonable fashion.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release with more details:

From the moment that Anime Doctor(TM) is launched on a device, you will find a stunning collection of featured anime covers that are each hand-selected by the Pulled Strings(TM) team and updated regularly. Every anime title that is browsed has a radiantly rendered cover photo, a graphical 1 to 5 star average rating, and a “more information” button beneath it–and when this button is touched–the page elegantly peels back to reveal the details of your selected anime–such as alternative titles, anime type, year of the Anime, official website, series description, and much more! Anime Doctor(TM) is also integrated with Twitter in three languages, making it simple for users globally to tweet about anything new that they may have learned about a particular anime title.

Anime Doctor is available as a free download on iTunes. Screenshots of the app in action are below.

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One Response to “Free iPhone App “Anime Doctor” is the Largest Mobile Anime Encyclopedia”

  1. Last_Sacrifice says:

    All I have to say is, I went to Anime Expo 2012–It was incredible– However, I must say that this app would have made it 100% better! ^_^. I downloaded it, and cannot seem to stop myself from using it. It’s as if every time I hear about an anime title that I am not familiar with, all I have to do now is just open up Anime Doctor from my iPhone and read about it…

    Totally Amazing! Kudos & thumbs up to the creators.