Japanese Punk Band CANTOY to Have American Debut at Tekkoshocon 2013

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by Elizabeth Chan | staff writer 


Japanese indie punk band CANTOY will be making their move on the American music scene by making their stateside debut at Tekkoshocon in April 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA.  The band is expected to have a live concert, Q&A, and autograph session at the event and will be appearing alongside the hard rock band DAZZLE VISION.

CANTOY was formed in 2004 with Harajuku fashion magazine ZIPPER model, Miri-pow serving as the lead vocalist.  The band’s sound combines cute vocals with digital hardcore creating a unique mix that has allowed them to make a 35-performance tour across Japan with the final act taking place at Shibuya Cyclone.

They are signed to the indie label Splatter Records, which was founded by DAI, the former guitarist of punk ska band ketchup mania. DAI also serves as the band’s producer. With him behind them, this fledgling band has become a notable sight in the indie music scene.  With their 2nd album “KILL” released this past July, CANTOY is well-poised to garner more fans both domestically in Japan and overseas.

Official Website:  http://www.cantoy.jp/

Splatter Records Website:  http://www.splatter-records.com

A few of CANTOY’s music videos can be found below.


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