‘Otoboku’ Release Date Announced, Opening Video Revealed

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

MangaGamer has announced that they will be releasing visual novel Otoboku on November 23rd.

In Otoboku, gamers play as Mizuho, a young man that must attend an all-girls charm school at the behest of his late grandfather (it’s written in his will!). With the help of his fashionista best friend, Mizuho not only attends the school but winds up being elected “Elder Sister,” the student body’s idol. The game follows Mizuho through random and insane events as he tries to make it through the school year with his identity hidden and dignity intact.

Otoboku marks the first release from MangaGamer by Japanese visual novel studio Caramel Box. MangaGamer describes the game as  a “female-and couples-friendly title…focused on romance and the burdens of leadership and family.”

The game is now available for pre-order (18+ only!) on their site. The opening movie for the game can be found below.

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