Atlus Introduces 16 New ‘Persona 4 Golden’ Character Videos

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

Persona 4 Golden comes out in little more than a month, and Atlus has been making sure that everyone knows it.

Atlus made 16 new character videos available yesterday, two each for the eight main characters. Check out the first one below, for main character Yu Narukami.

Each character gameplay video tells a little more about the character by showing scenes from the game. You can check out the rest of the videos by following the links below.

Yu Narukami: The Year Begins | Big Bro

Chie Satonaka: Chie & Yukiko | Shedding a Tear

Yosuke Hanamura: First Impressions | Meeting His Other Self

Yukiko Amagai: Predetermined Paths | An Unexpected Side

Kanji Tatsumi: A Known Delinquent? | A Softer Side

Teddie: Venturing Out | Teddie Thinks

Rise Kujikawa: Risette the Idol | A Sudden Announcement

Naoto Shirogane:  A Cunning Detective | Fun with Friends

Persona 4 Golden will be out on Nov. 20 exclusively for the PS Vita.

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