Interview: Otaku Idol Group FUDANJUKU – Part 1

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by Elizabeth Chan | staff writer

Inside AX is proud to present an exclusive interview with the otaku idol group, FUDANJUKU.  FUDANJUKU consists of eight lovely ladies who dress as male counterparts and each have a unique otaku obsession, which makes them relatable to fans of various forms of Japanese culture or media whether it be anime, manga, fashion or idols.  With eight members each with a different focus, there is sure to be one member that will appeal to anyone. In Part 1 of the interview, we ask each of the members about themselves and their contributions to FUDANJUKU.

The members of FUDANJUKU.

Inside AX:  Since this is an unusual group of 8 people, please provide a short introduction of yourself and what your “otaku obsession” is.


Akazono: I’m Kojiro Akazono. I love fashion! I’m good at doing model poses and I can wear any kind of fashion style. I’m currently in some fashion magazines, too!

Ruhara: I’m the super ikemen (hot guy), Renji Ruhara. I love video games and manga. I have over 10,000 manga at home and I’m the manga connoisseur who can find the best manga for everyone.

Seto: I’m Kouki Seto. I ‘m an otaku for mysteries. Of course I love anime, manga and video games, but I’m in love with Outer Space and UFOs.

Aiba: My name is Kensui Aiba. My otaku obsession is health. I’m very interested in beauty and health so I usually buy books about these things.

Midorikawa: I love reptiles. I have a chameleon at home. I’m also researching fairies right now.

Seimyoji: I love wrestling and idols. I’m a wrestler and I also collaborate with All Japan Pro Wrestling. As for idols, I love Morning Musume and now I report on Japanese idols for magazines and for the website called “KawaiiGirlJapan.”

Yukimura: I’m in love with high school baseball, and I used to be involved in that, too! I always go see lots of high school baseball games every year!

Bukiya: My name is Momotaro Bukiya. My otaku obsession is anime. Japanese animation is the pride of the Japanese people, and I want to spread it all over the world, so I’m studying about anime to communicate with people from different countries.

IAX:  How did you get involved with FUDANJUKU?


Akazono: First we tried “dansou” (dressing up as a man) during our live shows, then we decided to become Fudanjuku!

Ruhara: I wanted to join just because they’re Fudanjuku! It’s so amazing!

Seto: They invited me to join after the third Anison Grand Prix.

Aiba: I went to the audition and I passed.

Midorikawa: I started as a part of a TV show.

Seimyoji: We were doing otaku idol events online at first, then we got some comments saying it would be interesting if we did “dansou” as a part of the event.

Yukimura: I passed the audition!

Bukiya: I first got involved because of the online show.


IAX:  Please give a recommendation or tip regarding your “otaku” area of expertise.


Akazono: I love Christian Louboutin’s shoes! I don’t have any of them yet, but I would love to have one some time! My current obsession is Dr. Marten’s shoes! Fashion is from your feet!

Ruhara: The manga called Initial D.

Seto: I recommend that everyone read mystery books! There’s a Japanese mystery magazine called “Moo” and it is pretty good!

Aiba: Lymphatic massage! Especially when you apply skin toner and press acupressure points behind your ears. It will improve your blood circulation and your face will look healthier.

Midorikawa: I really wanna get a Blue Tree Monitor (a type of lizard) in the future!

Seimyoji: As for pro-wrestling, DDT is pretty good! And for idols, I’m checking on lots of new idols now.

Yukimura: I love makeup! I’m interested in becoming a makeup artist too.

Bukiya: My anime recommendations are Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Macross, and HeartCatch PreCure! I also like this animator, Yoshihiko Umakoshi who drew Saint Seiya Omega. Oh and I love the illustrator/animator, Mutsumi Inomata, too! As for music composers, I love Yoko Kanno!

IAX:  Your website says that you each have one of eight weapons that represent a “heart” that is necessary to humanity. Why do you think your “heart” is necessary to humanity?


Akazono: No one can live by themselves, right? Everyone needs to support and help each other in our lives. My weapon is “Jin (仁)” which means sense of compassion and the importance of love.

Ruhara: (wielder of “Yuu (勇)” for unconcern over danger and difficulty) Because it is Japanese Bushido. Each of us needs to be pure, beautiful, and noble.

Seto: (wielder of “Kou (孝)” for filial piety) Because we all have our own “hearts” and way of thinking, we all can sing FUDANJUKU’s cheerful and positive songs. I want everyone to be positive!

Aiba: (wielder of “Chuu (忠)” for carrying out one’s mission in life) I think people’s beliefs or actions depend on their heart. If you have a sad heart, you might look sad. If you have a positive heart, you look positive. Humans need all kinds of hearts to grow up. If you’re a winner in your heart, you can win almost anything!

Midorikawa: (wielder of “Rei (礼)” for never forgetting to be grateful) I think it is the feeling that you want to do something for someone else that leads to peace.

Seimyoji: (wielder of “Gi (義)” for righteously allowing people to continue along the correct path in life) Because no one can live by themselves.

Yukimura: The heart of “Wa (和)” is to take care of and support our friends!

Bukiya: (wielder of “Chi (智)” to allow for the wisdom to understand good and evil) Humans can think, and we can seek for the reasons of our existence. No one can live alone, but when we live with others, we sometimes get negative feelings or worries. However, if there’s a positive attitude in ourselves, maybe we can still have fun and a better life. That’s why humans need “heart.”

For more information on FUDANJUKU, check out their official website or like them on Facebook.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview with FUDANJUKU, but for now check out their music video for “Kimi no Monogatari” from their first album Kizuna below.

[Update] Check out Part 2 of our interview here!

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8 Responses to “Interview: Otaku Idol Group FUDANJUKU – Part 1”

  1. Indigo says:

    Ahhhhh, I think this may be their first interview for an English-language publication! I’m so proud. Yes, Renji, I know you’re the hot one, you don’t have to rub it in.
    But… why did you pick such an old music video? That one features two members who are no longer with the band, and Kensui, Seto, and Ryoma aren’t in it. Jinsei Wahaha would have been a better choice, since it’s their newest and has a direct anime connection. Or Ame Tokidoki Hare Nochi Niji, because it features the outfits from the images at the top of the article.
    Also, small correction, but as you can see in the picture from the band’s website, Akazono-kun’s given name is Kojiro, not Torajiro!

    • MarlanM says:

      Thanks for the catch on the name, don’t know how we missed that one! Check out Resonance Media’s comment below for info on why we used the video we used.

  2. RESONANCE Media says:

    Most of FUDANJUKU’s PVs aren’t embeddable, and they still perform “Kimi no Monogatari” in their live shows. The song has the same FUDANJUKU energy, even though a few members have changed!

    The new [awesome] PV for Jinsei Wahaha is here:

  3. Liana Nakamura says:

    I’m so happy that you are interested in Fudanjuku!

    I’m a huge fan of them and I’m from Brazil ~
    Maybe someday you can bring them to America?
    That’ll make me the happiest girl on earth :D :D


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