Fan Art A-to-Z: B is for ‘Bleach’

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

Although its anime ended last year, Bleach is still one of the Big 3 of manga right now, going strong for years next to Naruto and One Piece. Here are some pieces of fan art paying tribute to Ichigo Kurosagi and all his Soul Society friends.

bleach by ~cuson

Soul Reaper Panorama in COLOR by *ComfortLove

Bleach: Back To Soul Society 2 by ~JackJasra

Bleach-One Piece by *ioshik

喜助と浦原 by hatabolic

いさましい十一番隊 by ぼに

バトルロワイヤル!!! by モツ

ファーストフード店にて by 25~NIKO~

影鬼京楽 by em

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