PokeMonday – A Webcomic Artist’s Uninformed Take on Pokemon

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by Jeremiah Fajardo | staff writer

Everyone has heard of Pokemon, right?

The popular franchise has been around for a couple decades, spawned several games and an ongoing anime series. So, it’s pretty peculiar to find someone on the Internet, of all places, who is wholly unfamiliar with the unmistakable creatures. Noelle Stevenson, creator of webcomic Nimona, has little knowledge of the franchise, and has recently commenced an interesting project called The Pokeymans Project

The premise is simple. First, users post vague descriptions of any of the over 600 Pokemon. Then Noelle, to the best of her ability, attempts to draw the described creature. Remember, she knows next to nothing about Pokemon, making some of the results quite humorous! My personal favorites are her attempts at Gardevoir and Ludicolo.

Check out her work and perhaps send in a description!


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