Inside Cosplay: Interview with Jin [Cosplayer]

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by Elie Byun | staff writer

Welcome to September’s Inside Cosplay!

This Inside Cosplay features SoCal native Jin. She hasn’t been in the community long, but her amazing costumes reflect on someone who has been around for a long time. She has won some masquerades and continues to improve her costuming skills!

Inside AX: When did you start cosplaying?

Jin: Its 2012, right? (Laughs) 2009? 2008-ish? Something like that!

IAX: What was your first costume?

Jin: Oh man, first cosplay? Edward Elric [Full Metal Alchemist]! No one will ever see photos of that…

IAX: Aw man, we have to go find those pictures! Just kidding. (laughs) So, what got you into cosplaying?

Jin: Uhm, I was in the online art community, and through the extension of that I started seeing cosplay photos and I thought, “Oh, that’s cool! I wanna try that.”

IAX: Very cool! So do you draw a lot?

Jin: (laughs) Yeah! Unhealthfully so, maybe.

IAX: What are you favorite anime series?

Jin: I’m not usually a big anime fan but the ones I do like have a bigger storyline or more non-typical anime storylines, like Durarara and Baccano.

IAX:  Then what kind of characters are you drawn to in regards to cosplay?

Jin: I mean, there are always those characters that are easier for me to portray, such as CL [Kuroshitsuji] or little boys in general. But I do like to do things that are more out of my typecast and comfort zone for fun.

IAX:  That’s great that you enjoy challenging yourself! What are some of your favorite cosplays that you’ve made?

Jin: One thing I could think of was Dave Strider [Homestuck] because I really tried to do a more difficult outfit of his and I really enjoyed it. I also had both of his weapons so I was lugging two props around and I was one of the first to have Dave’s turntables so it was pretty cool.

IAX: That is definitely a cool feeling! So what are some dream cosplays that you have?

Jin: I try not to keep too many dream cosplays because then I’ll never end up doing them since they are ‘dream cosplays’. My friends always talk about it but I’m always hesitant to make one. I think if you give yourself enough time, you can do any costume.

IAX: Aside from drawing and cosplay do you have any particular hobbies?

Jin: I do a lot of writing on the side when the mood hits me but other than that, that’s pretty much it!

IAX: That’s really cool!! So, how has cosplaying influenced or changed your life?

Jin: The one that always comes to mind is that it’s brought me some of the most talented amazing people I know to be my friends which is always awesome. Also you end up picking up really neat tricks that help with REALLY weird areas in your life…Like housework and school projects (laughs)

IAX: And what do you like to do at cons besides cosplaying?

Jin: Cons are usually an excuse for friends that live far apart to hang out and spend time so there’s lots of eating, lots of shopping (in dealer’s halls) and lots of hanging out. Depending on the con though sometimes my focus will be on panels!

IAX:What is some advice you could give to new cosplayers?

Jin: This is probably advice any cosplayer will give you but ALWAYS finish your costume before the deadline. That’ll give you a buffer in case something goes wrong, something falls apart, whatever.

Also carry snacks with you. (laugh)

You can find Jin at her deviantart!

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