Anime Expo 2013: Exhibit Hall

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 by Lindo Korchi | staff writer

Before attendees had a chance to attack (on Titan? Eh..cheesy joke) the Exhibit Hall, I decided to get the inside scoop on how exhibitors prepare, the amount of stock they bring in, and the diversity of every booth. If you’ve never experienced the Anime Expo Exhibit Hall, then you’re in for a treat. We’ll see the vast amount of product, culture, quality, and love that each one of these exhibitors share – Japanese culture! Let’s explore:

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Missed the Exhibit Hall at Anime Expo 2013? Not a problem. You can see this article as a sample of what is to come for next year. We’re already working hard for Anime Expo 2014! Register early to save money! We hope to see you at AX14!

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