Know Your GoH! – Jessica Nigri

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by Marlan Moore, staff writer, Inside AX – Anime Expo

Every year, Anime Expo invites the most talented artists, performers, designers, and more to join us as our Guests of Honor (GoHs). From superstar voice actors to J-Pop idols, top mangaka to world-renowned designers, AX brings the goods. Know Your GoH! spotlights these amazing talents, giving you the scoop on what makes them honor worthy. Here, we won’t only tell, but show you what makes our Guests the best in their fields. Today we spotlight Jessica Nigri.

When it comes to cosplay, nobody does it better than Jessica Nigri. With over 100,000 likes on Facebook and almost 30,000 followers on Twitter, Nigri is at the top of the cosplay foodchain. This beautiful young woman doesn’t only model, but also makes her own costumes and props, making her a double-dose of cosplay awesome.

This year, Nigri will be joining us as a Guest of Honor at Anime Expo 2012. Not only that, but she’ll be using her talents to cosplay as “Max,” Anime Expo’s mecha girl mascot. Check out the gallery below for just a few examples of Nigri’s many magnificent costumes. Which one is your favorite?








You can also find out more about Jessica Nigri at her official website.

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