Highschool of the Dead’s “Summer Panchira Special”

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It’s just like Disney’s High School Musical, but With Zombies!

Alright, I’ve got to admit that I had absolutely zero expectations when I sat down to watch Highschool of the Dead. After all, I’ve seen tons of zombie movies, including George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead to the more recently released Zombieland, and they all seem to follow the exact same plot. Bash, bash, bash Zombies explode. Not to say that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but once you’ve seen one zombie movie you pretty much know what to expect. I enjoy them for what they are. Guilty diversions.

Then came Daisuke Sato’s Highschool of the Dead. Featuring tons of fan service and gore, which has caused some controversial censorship issues in Japan, I can honestly say that the anime so far is freaking brilliant. Thanks in large part to the main character Takashi Komuro. I mean, in less than one hour after the initial outbreak, he kills his best friend and takes his busty girlfriend Rei Miyamoto, in what I may add is a cheesy yet oh so lovable melodramatic moment, leaving him with a full-blown harem amidst a zombie outbreak. The only thing that can be said is that this man definitely has his priorities straight! If the rest of the thirteen-episode anime is just as insane as the first episode, Highschool of the Dead may very well go down as the quintessential “must-watch” anime of the summer. Especially if the series continues its intense pacing.

That said, your enjoyment of the series will be largely based on how much insanity you can intake. While the first episode contained a decent resemblance of a plot, high school students get trapped in a city full of zombies, the series initially appears to be very largely tongue-in-cheek and offers gratuitous amounts of fan-service and gore. In other words, it’s a very male-oriented series; and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Brilliantly animated by Studio Madhouse (Gunslinger Girl, Chobits).

For those of you interested in watching the series, Highschool of the Dead has already been licensed by Sentai Filmworks and can be streamed on Anime Network’s website in its native language. Just be sure to register for the site before you start watching. In the meantime, for those of you who are eagerly waiting in anticipation for episode 2, click here to help pass the time. Episode 2 will air on July 11 at 8:00 PDST.

How long do you think you can survive in a zombie apocalypse?

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6 Responses to “Highschool of the Dead’s “Summer Panchira Special””

  1. JasonY says:

    Just to be fair, I’ll start out by saying that I wouldn’t last for more than a hour. Especially if the zombie outbreak happened at AX…..

    *sees zombified AKB48*

  2. Nox Kreiker says:

    Worry not Jason. I’d be able to help you out during the event of a Zombie Apocalypse. After all, I’ve covered wars ya know.

  3. Wes says:

    Awesome Manga, and the show seems very true to it so far. Just waiting for episode 2 to launch!!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  4. JasonY says:

    Yah, so far the show’s impressed me :) .

  5. leslie says:

    Zombie’s are in` like on AMC Walking dead, a big hit!

  6. leslie says:

    Oh and you know the CDC (center of dis. con.) issued a zombie atact handbook. LOL