Akira Toriyama Returns To Shonen Jump

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by Lindo Korchi | staff writer


The above translates to “The ‘legend’ of hope for the entire world returns here!!”

The legend who captivated the world with his manga and anime series Dragon Ball; while also inspiring a generation of new mangaka’s, including Tite Kubo, Oda Eiichiro, Hiro Mashima, and many more is finally back — Akira ‘Legend’ Toriyama.

For the past 18 years, Akira Toriyama hasn’t been active on a manga of his own. He has worked on special one-shots and crossovers, but never an entirely new manga series-– until now. On Monday, Weekly Shonen Jump announced that Toriyama is working on a brand new manga series entitled Ginga Patrol Jako (Galactic Patrol Jako), that’ll debut on July 13th, in the 33rd issue of WSJ. No word has been said about the plot or if the series will be part of Viz’s Shonen Jump.

After having been ‘out of action’ for nearly two decades, can Akira Toriyama successfully deliver another hit series and compete with the mangaka of this generation? The new manga will show how far Toriyama has grown throughout the years, and of course, will demonstrate if the ‘legend’ can pull off another story that will not only captivate audiences, but will also give them hope, joy, and inspiration.

Will Toriyama fans give the new manga a fair chance or directly compare it to Dragon Ball? Will the manga be an instant hit? And how are the mangaka of this generation (former fanboys) reacting towards Toriyama’s return to the manga industry? Let us know your thoughts!

[Via ANN]

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