‘Attack on Titan’ Prequel Manga to Debut August 26 in Japan

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

before the fallJapan’s juggernaut giant-fighting franchise Attack on Titan‘s already colossal world will be getting even bigger when prequel manga Attack on Titan: Before the Fall arrives in Shounen Sirius magazine in Japan on August 26.

Before the Fall adapts the thus far Japan-only light novel series of the same name by Suzukaze Ryo, and focuses on humanity’s first encounters with the Titans, and how they developed strategies to face them. The new manga will not be written by Titan creator Hajime Isayama, but by Kamikaze mangaka Satoshi Shiki, with an artist for the series undisclosed at press time.

Kodansha USA has been publishing Attack on Titan in North America, where the anime has proven to be a titan in its own right. As long as Titan keeps up the steam on this side of the Pacific, chances are good we’ll get to see the beginnings of humanity’s war with the Titans.

[via ComicsAlliance]

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