Attack on Titan: How Long Will Its Success Last?

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by Lindo Korchi | staff writer

Attack on Titan seems to have no bounds.

There’s no denying that Attack on Titan is this seasons most popular anime – but how far will it go? After its anime debut, the AoT manga received an extra 8.7 million more prints in less than two months, and currently has over 20 million copies in print. Recently, it was announced that FUNimation had already taken action on licensing the series. But what’s more, is that the popular franchise is expanding to other dynamics, such as the food industry.

Pizza Hut is going to be running an AoT campaign from June 10th to July 21st in Japan. Through the campaign, people can receive PC wallpaper, and smart-phone screens. For those who order their pizza online, they can also win goods such as signed script from the cast.  Big prizes for big fans. Plus, let’s not forget about the AoT live action film that is set to release in 2014.

In these pass two months, AoT has captured the attention of millions. Question is, will the series retain its popularity as it progresses towards the end, or will it ‘fade away’? Also, where will the series be headed to next? Besides the basement, of course.


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