ZETMAN English Cast Announced!

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by Chris McDonald | staff writer


The English voice cast for VIZ’s badassery ensemble, ZETMAN, has recently been unveiled along with a little info on when folks can expect to catch English episodes of the series creeping into their face holes.

So far, ZETMAN‘s English cast will consist of Jason Griffith (Sonic in Sonic X) as Jin Kanzaki, Grant George (most recognizable as Lancer in Fate/Zero) as Kouga Amagi, and lastly, Sophie Roberts as Konoha Amagi.

All the face-exploding fun is slated to kick off with ZETMAN‘s April 20th launch date exclusively on VIZ’s Neon Alley service. If you don’t have a subscription or haven’t given the service a shot, now’s definitely a good time to try; and if you’re on the fence about trying it out you should hop on over to our review of the service!

Also: If you’ve never seen ZETMAN, its basically what you’d get if Guyver and Fist of the North Star had a baby and that baby punched dude’s arms off into a fine mist…its literally the most badass thing you’ll ever see.

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