Gurren Lagann Re-release Incoming, with Special Edition

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by Joe Locastro | contributing writer


The smash hit mecha show Gurren Lagann is coming back for a second round as the Gurren Lagann Compete DVD/Blu-Ray Box Sets. 

Aniplex of America and Right Stuf Inc. have come together to bring us a “Special Edition” of Gurren Lagann.  This version has it all folks.  For any fans of the series or new viewers, it represents a long history of great content that only starts by providing all episodes of the action-packed show.  Also included in the Blu-Ray edition of the set is:

-Soundtrack CDs

-Both Gurren Lagann movies, Parallel Works, The OVA episode and additional video


-A 2-sided poster


-Bonus footage

-An unaired episode

-Japanese and English audio tracks

-An art book


And more.


For the uninitiated, Gurren Lagann is the story of Simon and Kamina: two young fellas living underground who suddenly realize their dream of a “surface world” was real all along…and it’s an all out war between the remaining humans and massive, metal beasts called “Gunmen”.  They meet up with the lovely sniper Yoko, and the trio take of on an adventure with the goal of piercing the heavens, and breaking any barriers that stand in the way of humanity and survival.  It starts with a big red robot…but by the end of the show, your jaw will be on the floor.

Both the DVD ($139.98) and Blu-Ray ($549.98) set are available for pre-order now.  For more information and the official trailer you can visit Aniplex’s website for the series.  It’s a great way for die hard fans of the show to support their distributors, and a classy package chock full of goodies.  Die hard fans will have a hard time passing this up!

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