Neon Alley Now on Xbox 360

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor


Everyone’s favorite console-based all dub, all the time anime platform is no longer exclusive to the PS3 and is available to download for the Xbox 360.

One thing that makes the 360′s version of the app standout against the PS3 version is its compatability with Kinect. Folks using Kinect with their 360 can voice control and voice search Neon Alley.

The Neon Alley service costs $6.99/month, but they’re having a special at the moment where you can get a free one-week trial of the service by signing up at

“Neon Alley has forever changed the paradigm for the way anime is delivered to fans, and we are very excited to launch the service to the vast network of Xbox users across North America,” says Brian Ige, Vice President, Animation. “This digital platform will become a must-visit destination for audiences to enjoy a wide range of most-loved anime series and feature films with the ease and format of a traditional 24/7 broadcast channel. This is further augmented with many exclusive feature films and new first-run series premieres that we know will anime fans everywhere will not want to miss!”

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