‘Digimon Fusion’ Digivolving on Nickelodeon this Year

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

Digimon_FusionAfter acquiring rights for the Digimon franchise outside of Asia late last year, Saban has announced that Digimon Fusion will be airing on Nickelodeon some time in 2013. Fusion is the sixth installment of the Digimon franchise that started in 1999. Fusion is being brought to Nickelodeon alongside MarVista Entertainment.

Digimon is the longest-running Japanese anime property and has been enjoyed by kids for more than a decade,” said Elie Dekel , President of Saban Brands . “We’re thrilled to be bringing the all-new Digimon Fusion TV series to Nickelodeon, where we have the opportunity to introduce the series to a new generation of children while still engaging long-time fans.”

Digimon Fusion, or Digimon Xcros Wars as it’s known as in Japan, follows a boy named Mikey (Taiki in Japan) as he’s transported to the Digital World. Mikey and his new digimon (digital monster) pals must work together to save the Digital World from destruction. Saban says the series “takes today’s tech-savvy kids inside an adventure-packed digital world, where the heroes’ courage is matched only by the fusion of their teamwork, loyalty and humor.”

Who’s ready to digivolve with the latest chapter of Digimon?


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One Response to “‘Digimon Fusion’ Digivolving on Nickelodeon this Year”

  1. Taichi Freak says:

    Does this mean Nickelodeon will be airing the older episodes too? I bet you that Fusion gets a semi-cozy spot (6:00 or 7:00 in the morning) to leech off of nostalgia and reel in new fans all at once. The REALLY old episodes (i.e.- Adventure, Tamers, etc.) will be banished to either one of the following.
    A- They’ll turn up at two in the morning. Disney XD did this; I still remember the days before DVR where I’d sneak up to watch it and my parents thought it was porn or something. But, considering Nickelodeon’s nightly programming block…
    B- They’ll be ignored in favor of the newest season (a la Disney XD at the end of its run; it only aired Data Squad). If they make a comeback at all, it will be through highly expensive DVDs (and the first 21 episodes are already on DVD over here, plus Australia has the whole season, at least for Adventure; fans of Tamers and other series are stuck with Hulu or fan-posted episodes on Youtube).

    Yea, bugs me that kids are only gonna know Digimon through one of its weakest seasons, because Fusion is the one that will probably get the most spotlight. If the older series come back on TV, I will melt with happiness. I’m an Adventure nostalgia freak (yea, I’m THAT fan), so I’d stay up until 2 to see my Tai again. But even if it’s just Data Squad…hell, anything that’s not Frontier and aired at a reasonable time is good. It means the only exposure won’t be a crappy season.