Turn Your Name Super Saiyan With Moji Maker Z

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

Moji Maker Z

Dragon Ball Z fans can fuse their name with the series’ logo faster than you can say “Gogeta” by using the new Moji Maker Z page from Toei Animation.

As part of the promotion of the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film, Toei has made the Moji Maker Z to give fans a chance to do a Fusion of their own. Simply type in your first name and last name, then choose which background you’d like the logo to be set to. After a few seconds of loading,   an image is created using the name and background like the image at the top.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods premieres on March 30 in Japan, with no North American release date announced (yet). The full trailer was released last month, with J-rock band FLOW announced as doing a cover of the show’s classic theme for the film.

Have some fun with the Moji Maker Z, and share with us some of your creations in the comments below!

[via ANN]

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