‘Dragon Ball Z’ Manga Gets Full-Color Reprint in Japan

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

With Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods not too far off from release in Japan, it’s no surprise that publisher Shueisha has decided to pull out all the stops and have the Dragon Ball Z manga reprinted in color.

Starting February 4, those lucky ducks in Japan are getting the first three 248-page volumes of Dragon Ball Z – that’s the entirety of the “Saiyan Saga” that introduced Vegeta and his cohorts – in color. The new releases will also include new interviews and commentary with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama that will reportedly clear up some of the questions that fans have about the series.

Following the “Saiyan Saga,” the “Frieza Saga” will be getting its full color treatment with five volumes in April. Cell and Buu aren’t being left out of the colorful fun, but their respective Sagas haven’t been given release dates just yet.

The original Dragon Ball that first introduced the world to Goku and his amazing friends nearly 20 years ago will be making its way into color also, but only as a digital release with no release date announced.

To help folks catch up with their Dragon Ball characters and lore, the four-part Dragon Ball Cho Zenshu reference guide will begin its monthly release in Japan on February 4.

No plans have been announced to release either the reprinted manga or Cho Zenshu outside of Japan, but chances are that at least the full-color reprint will make its way Stateside thanks to the series’ popularity.

Check out a couple of full-color pages from the upcoming Dragon Ball Z reprint below, and visit Saiyan Island for more.

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[via Saiyan Island, Comics Alliance]

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