‘Saint Young Men’ Anime Film Trailer Shows Buddha and Jesus as Roommates

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

Hikaru Nakamura’s comedic slice-of-life manga Saint Young Men is getting the anime film treatment this summer in Japan, and the first trailer for the upcoming film has been released.

Saint Young Men follows the misadventures of Buddha and Jesus (yes, that Buddha and that Jesus) as they share a low-rent apartment in Tokyo, Japan while taking a vacation from their eternal duties by being mortals on earth. The pair attempt to integrate into modern Japanese society, but not always to the best of outcomes.

The trailer introduces to the two religious icons, then shows them getting yelled at by their landlady for not separating their trash. Ah, mortal life.

The anime film version of Jesus and Buddha’s earthly vacation comes out on May 10, 2013, in Japan with no plans for a North American release as of yet. Seeing that not even the manga has made it Stateside, it’s unlikely the film will ever make it across, either. But one can dream. And pray.

[via ANN]

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2 Responses to “‘Saint Young Men’ Anime Film Trailer Shows Buddha and Jesus as Roommates”

  1. ElieB says:

    So excited for this!!!

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