Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) Box Set Release Date Announced

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by Elie Byun | staff writer

Right Stuff Inc.’s Lucky Penny Entertainment will be bringing the Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana) DVD box set to the States this coming spring. This box set will include all 11 episodes of the series with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Sweet Blue Flowers is about a young girl, Fumi, who reunites with her best friend from childhood, Akira, after nearly a decade of not seeing each other. Their friendship blossoms as they begin to go to school together, but what happens when Fumi realizes that she is in love with female classmate Sugimoto? Will Akira support Fumi’s new love interests? And what will become of the ever-confused Fumi?

Erica Friedman of Okazu says Sweet Blue Flowers is “one of the absolutely most realistic portrayals of a young woman in love with another woman ever seen in an anime.”

Sweet Blue Flowers is scheduled to be released on March 5, 2013 with a SRP of $39.99.

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