JManga Introduces JManga7 + MANGA Android App

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

JManga has announced the opening of new digital manga site

The difference between JManga7 and JManga? JManga7 promises to release new manga chapters everyday. So, instead of going by volume, you’re going by chapter. You can also read the first one or two chapters of any series on JManga7 for free, which is an awesome idea. I’m much more likely to shell out cash on a new manga if I have an idea if I like it first.

JMANGA7 also features a monthly subscription plan, where for $5.99 a month, you can read everything they have, including all new manga released on a daily basis. New chapters are rolled out for series once a week, with different series seeing updates on different days.

To go along with this announcement, JManga has also announced the release of their android app, simply called MANGA. MANGA is very similar to the VIZManga app, in that its whole purpose is to read manga on the go. MANGA users will have access to every manga in the JManga and JManga7 catalog on their android device.

Along with JManga’s previous update adding Kodansha to their line-up, it looks like JManga’s stepping up their game on the digital field.

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