Take a Tour of San Francisco with EvaNavi SF

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

Good news for Evangelion fans in or traveling to San Francisco – you can now take an audio tour of the City by the Bay voiced by Evanegelion 2.0 pilot Mari Illustrious Makinami!

(c) Khara

Released as part of the J-Pop Summit Festival that took place on August  25 and 26 in San Francisco, EvaNavi SF will take iPhone, iPad, iEverything owners on a Japanese pop culture tour of San Francisco. Listeners will be able to visit and listen to information on anime-inspired Hotel Tomo, the Cartoon Art Museum, and more than 50 other locations throughout the historic city. The app’s website promises to guide users ”to old bookstores, peculiar restaurants and other spots that do not appear in conventional guidebooks.”

The coolest part? Once the app is downloaded and launched, users simply have to start exploring the city for the app to do its job. EvaNavi tracks your location via GPS, and when you’re near one of the many locations in the app’s database, Mari will start talking about the nearby location.

EvaNavi SF is available for free on iTunes, so there’s no excuse (other than not having an iOS device or being in SF) for not giving this app a try.

[via The Asahi Shimbun, Kayak, Inc.]

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