“Occult Academy” on Blu-Ray October 9

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by Marlan Moore | staff editor

NIS America sent out a press release last night detailing the release of paranormal hit Occult Academy on Blu-Ray this October. The entire series will be on two Blu-Ray discs in this standard edition release.

Extras include four bonus short episodes detailing Maya’s first childhood encounter with a cryptid, clean openings and endings, and a Story Guide leaflet.

Occult Academy tells the story of Fumiaki Uchida, a time traveler sent to the year 1999 from the year 2012 to prevent a world-ending calamity by destroying what triggers it. The problem is…he’s not exactly sure what that trigger is! All he knows is the trigger is somewhere in Waldstein Academy, or as the locals call it, Occult Academy. With the help of Maya, the principal’s daughter, and others from the school, Fumiaki chases down chupacabra, aliens, and other strange paranormal entities in the hopes of finding the key to the world’s destruction.

Occult Academy will be available on Standard Edition Blu-Ray on October 9 and is currently available for preorder from Right Stuf, The Anime Corner Store, Anime Pavilion, and NIS America’s Online Store.

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